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Big Bang Celebrating The Angst In Fic
< b>Title:</b> All shattered ones <… 
12th-Mar-2014 10:58 pm

<b>Title:</b> All shattered ones
<b>Author:</b> pamymex3girl
<b>Rating:</b> PG
<b>Word Count:</b>20,197
<b>Fandom:</b> Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The heroes of Olympus
<b>Characters:</b>Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Percy Jackson, Sally Jackson, Paul Blofis, Clarisse La Rue, Malcolm, Chiron, tyson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Travis & Connor Stoll, Nico di Angelo, Chris Rodriguez, Zoë Nightshade, Thalia Grace, Pollux, Jason Grace, Jake Mason, Silena (mentions), Charles Beckendorf, Blackjack, Will Solace, Artemis, Poseidon, Triton, Luke (mentions), Bianca di Angelo (mentions), Hazel Levesque (mentions), Athena (brief mention), Hera (mentions)
<b>Pairings:</b>nnabeth Chase/Percy Jackson, Silena Beauregard/Charles Beckendorf (mentions), Luke Castellan/Thalia Grace (implied, mentions), Nico Di Angelo/Percy Jackson (Implied, brief mentions, one sided)
<b>Warnings:</b>Spoilers for Percy Jackson and the olympians, spoilers for Lost hero, brief spoilers Son of Neptune
<b>Summary:</b>The day before it happened - it, being the disappearance of Percy Jackson - was just another normal day.

Everyone's reaction to the disappearance of their friend and leader.
<b>Disclaimer:</b> Everything is owned by Rick Riordan.
<b>Author's Note:</b>written for the angst big bang. I really love Percy Jackson and I wanted to write a story for it for ages. This one was sort of born out of wondering what happened to everyone else while Percy was missing. Hope someone likes this. I don't own anything. Thank you to my wonderful artist.

<b>Link to Story:</b>http://pamymex3girl.livejournal.com/friends
<b>Link to Art:</b>
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