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Big Bang Celebrating The Angst In Fic
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6th-Apr-2014 08:04 am - Amnesty Period
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I know that several people have either had real life eat them or have had art troubles or some other also equally valid reason for not posting -- so therefore, between that and the fact that you guys have been incredibly awesome? AMNESTY PERIOD!

You can post your fics any time between now and the end of the month

After that comes the master post of fics for this round, as well as the previous two rounds that're severely overdue.

Title: Coping Mechanism
Author: del_rion
Artist: sarageek16

Fandom: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Genre: Angst, drama
Rating: M / FRM / R
Characters: JARVIS, Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man). Supporting cast: Bruce Banner (Hulk), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel), T’Challa (Black Panther), Hank Pym (Yellowjacket), Thor, Janet Van Dyne (Wasp), Vision. (Also mentioned: Jane Foster, Pepper Potts, The Wrecking Crew.)
Pairing: Steve/Tony (romantic friendship)       
Summary: Tony’s recovery from a brain injury is on a tortuous path towards something better. The other Avengers are growing impatient – as is Tony – and Steve’s fortitude will be tested as he attempts to be there for Tony and lead a group of superheroes at the same time. Not to mention the change that is taking place in Steve and Tony’s friendship…
Complete. Sequel to “Dependence”.
Warnings: Language, angst & moodiness, minor suicidal thoughts, dealing with brain injury, mild sexual content (m/m, kissing, nakedness), canonical violence.
Length: 26 173 words

Links to fic
Link to art & fanmix

12th-Mar-2014 10:58 pm(no subject)

<b>Title:</b> All shattered ones
<b>Author:</b> pamymex3girl
<b>Rating:</b> PG
<b>Word Count:</b>20,197
<b>Fandom:</b> Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The heroes of Olympus
<b>Characters:</b>Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Percy Jackson, Sally Jackson, Paul Blofis, Clarisse La Rue, Malcolm, Chiron, tyson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Travis & Connor Stoll, Nico di Angelo, Chris Rodriguez, Zoë Nightshade, Thalia Grace, Pollux, Jason Grace, Jake Mason, Silena (mentions), Charles Beckendorf, Blackjack, Will Solace, Artemis, Poseidon, Triton, Luke (mentions), Bianca di Angelo (mentions), Hazel Levesque (mentions), Athena (brief mention), Hera (mentions)
<b>Pairings:</b>nnabeth Chase/Percy Jackson, Silena Beauregard/Charles Beckendorf (mentions), Luke Castellan/Thalia Grace (implied, mentions), Nico Di Angelo/Percy Jackson (Implied, brief mentions, one sided)
<b>Warnings:</b>Spoilers for Percy Jackson and the olympians, spoilers for Lost hero, brief spoilers Son of Neptune
<b>Summary:</b>The day before it happened - it, being the disappearance of Percy Jackson - was just another normal day.

Everyone's reaction to the disappearance of their friend and leader.
<b>Disclaimer:</b> Everything is owned by Rick Riordan.
<b>Author's Note:</b>written for the angst big bang. I really love Percy Jackson and I wanted to write a story for it for ages. This one was sort of born out of wondering what happened to everyone else while Percy was missing. Hope someone likes this. I don't own anything. Thank you to my wonderful artist.

<b>Link to Story:</b>http://pamymex3girl.livejournal.com/friends
<b>Link to Art:</b>
11th-Mar-2014 10:27 am - Posting template!
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I could've sworn I posted this already, apparently I dreamed it. lol.

Here's the template for posting!

Feel free to move these bits around if need be or add anything in that I've forgotten -- this is just the minimum of what you need.
2nd-Mar-2014 08:07 am - Final Drafts + Art Due!
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Thanks to nessataleweaver for reminding me that this post actually needed to go up -- sorry it's late!

Final drafts and art are now due! Posting isn't starting for several more days, however, so you'll still have time to make those inevitable last minute changes and corrections that we all end up with.

Send everything to: machinedreams@gmail.com

Final Drafts: Here's what I need for final drafts!

The document file, along with this information in the body of the email:

Art: Artists! Send me the pieces you've made for your artists. Rather, if you've only made one piece then send that. If you've made more than one, you just have to send me at LEAST one. Just so I'm certain that everybody has at least one piece. File format doesn't matter, it's all good.
1st-Mar-2014 11:54 pm - Posting Date Selections!
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This is going up a day late; apologies!

Posting is going to begin the 8th and run until the 16th, to spread it out a little but not too much.

Comment with your preferred date and your artist's name -- and if you REALLY need a date that's taken, just claim it and let me know why either here or via email and I'll do my best to work with you.

Dates here!Collapse )
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Rough drafts were due the 15th; I've only received a few of the drafts I need from people. I know it's a busy time of year, so I'm not at all cranky, just get them in as soon as possible or shoot me an email so we can make some kind of extension arrangement!

And there's one final story that still needs claiming over at the art claims post! Anybody who wants it can go claim it, should they be so interested.
15th-Jan-2014 10:12 am - Rough Drafts Due
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And it's rough draft due time! I don't need a whole lot of information from you guys -- what I need is going to be below -- and all I need you to do is email me following to machinedreams@gmail.com and attach your fic to the email as a document file. Don't worry about file type, I'm not actually going to be reading any of them yet I promise!

13th-Jan-2014 06:22 pm - Art Claims Time!
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It's claims time! Claims, although hectic, is actually quite simple. At the bottom of the post is a handy little text box. Just fill in the information! You need to list three preferences, if possible, in case your first is not available. Requests will be filled in the order they are received and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. If there is an error at any time, please notify me immediately via my email -- machinedreams@gmail.com -- and I will correct it as quickly as possible. Artists will claim one fic at first; if after a week there are still fics unclaimed, then artists will be allowed to claim a second one if they wish.

Each artist will be PMed as they claim their fic.

Summaries are officially closed now unless there are extenuating circumstances, which means that this round we have 7 fics up for art claims!

Fics here behind the cut!Collapse )
12th-Jan-2014 01:24 pm - One More Change
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Summaries are due at any point today, up until midnight CST, so you still have plenty of time.

But! Since we have a relatively small number of fics up for art claims and we have so few artists -- though I've got a line on more artists, so don't worry, I WILL make sure every fic gets claimed in the end -- I'm going to just skip the preview post tomorrow and jump right to art claims going up tomorrow.

But since I know this is Sunday and a lot of people aren't around very much on Sundays, even though they're technically due by midnight my time, I'll also accept them up until 5pm tomorrow (Monday) evening and simply add them to the end of the post.

So! Preferably by midnight tonight, but 5pm CST tomorrow at the latest.
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